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A Blog Post Worth Reading June 15, 2012

Filed under: Blog Reviews,Library Blogs,SLM 508 — Mrs.Hamilton @ 11:21 pm

Ok.  I know that I have already posted my blog reviews but I had to share one more post.  This post is from The Adventures of Library Girl and it is entitled 5 Conversations [About Libraries] I Don’t Want To Have Anymore.  It is like she went into my brain and wrote a blog post about it.  Definitely worth reading.


2 Responses to “A Blog Post Worth Reading”

  1. slm508dt Says:

    Ha too funny. Yup! Everything we are learning! The thing that came to my mind was that prior to January of this year (my first class in SLM) I would not even know what the girl was talking about! Glad I am up to date on everything!

  2. balddave Says:

    Not being a librarian nor really having any background in this topic, I thought this was pretty funny. I feel like all professions have topics they would just like to stop talking about. I also agree with ‘dt,’ 2 weeks ago I would not have understood most of that post.

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