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Flickr Slide Shows July 2, 2012

Filed under: Lesson Plans,SLM 508,Technology — Mrs.Hamilton @ 12:17 am

This is a continuation of my post last week on Flickr galleries.  This slide show was created with my own photos from Snowmageddon 2010.  This would tie in with the 9th grade memoir unit.  In this unit we talk about how (and why) writers focus on one moment of their lives and choose to write about them.  I would use these photos as a writing prompt as we talk about honing in on the memories.  With each photo, I will have the students write about what they are reminded of and what they remember from that snow storm.  I will also have my own story prepared.  After we have viewed the photos and jotted down our memories, we will share our thoughts with the class.  What the students will see is that we each have different memories from that day.  Our age, location, and family roles played a huge part in our interpretation and reaction to the snowstorm. We can later refine our stories into our own vignettes about Snowmageddon 2010.

Link to Digging out of Snowmageddon 2012 Slide Show on Flickr


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