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Learning Log-Wikis July 24, 2012

Filed under: Professional Development,SLM 508,Technology — Mrs.Hamilton @ 4:07 pm

So, apparently English teachers really like wikis.  When I did a search I was able to find quite a few English classrooms that were using wikis.  I have included links to a few below:

Miller’s English 10 Resource Wiki keeps a running list of all of the assignments and announcements that are needed for Mr. Miller’s English 10 classroom.  He uses it as the starting point for class projects and the container for important documents.

Mrs. Huff’s Classroom Wiki is used to allow students to share curricular content.  She has students work through projects and provides links to other important places like the class blog.

Ms. Hogue’s Wiki is a place where students present their work.  Each group of students has a thread where they  have posted their findings on the Salem Witch Trials.

BHS English 10 Community Wiki is a place for students to access the materials needed for book talks. The teacher has posted questions and there is opportunity to leave feedback about the assignment.

Overall, wikis present the opportunity to teach in a variety of ways.  They can be starting points, a place where teachers place links to places or things they want the students to review.  They can be ending points, a place for students to post their work and make it public.  It is really up to the way that the teacher wants to manage the time and information.


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