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Learning Log- igoogle: A professional development tool. July 4, 2012

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I don’t know about you but I am easily distracted on the internet.  I will start on one page, see something interesting and click to there….until I can’t remember what I was doing on the internet in the first place. That is where igoogle comes in handy.  igoogle is a great feature that allows you to see all of your important web-based updates in one place.  It really makes me sad that Google will be doing away with this feature in the next year because it is a nice way to start your day on the internet.  I like igoogle because it allows me to stay current.  It is an excellent tool to keep track of  professional development sites and articles and it helps me stay on task when working with purpose.  I have annotated the screenshot above to explain how I use igoogle.


The Holy Grail of Library Blogs June 20, 2012

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I just came across the blog A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet as I was looking for a good resource on infographics and had a minor geek out moment.  There are a ton of great resources that span many genres of Education.  I am considering turning my course syllabus into an infographic next year and have been doing some preliminary research…I will let you know what I come up with.


A Blog Post Worth Reading June 15, 2012

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Ok.  I know that I have already posted my blog reviews but I had to share one more post.  This post is from The Adventures of Library Girl and it is entitled 5 Conversations [About Libraries] I Don’t Want To Have Anymore.  It is like she went into my brain and wrote a blog post about it.  Definitely worth reading.


Libriarians Rocking Technology

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I have always loved the library. It is one of the key reasons that I decided to become an English teacher.  I love the books, I love the freedom, and I love to escape to the magical place that comes when I read.  It wasn’t until I became an English teacher that I realized that a library is about more then the books it holds. The modern librarian is one of the most technologically savvy educators in the school community.  Librarians have had to change their focus as today’s students begin to explore and access knowledge in whole new ways.  With this in mind I have compiled a list of three great and inspiring blogs from librarian educators with great ideas.

Lets start by checking out this Power Point presentation from Jennifer LaGarde about the changing role of the modern “Rock Star” librarian.

View more PowerPoint from Jennifer LaGarde  Adventures of Library Girl (Jennifer LaGarde) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Jennifer LaGarde is the author of The Adventures of Library Girl a blog about her adventures with as a school librarian in North Carolina.  Her blog posts are filled with ideas, links to articles, videos and pictures that show how she is meeting the needs of the new generation of learners in her own library.  One particularly fun post From Tech Trend to Teaching Tool: Taking the QR Code Plunge! explains how she uses QR codes to encourage creativity and exploration with students.  She also gives some great ideas for ways to use QR codes to make parent contacts, book explorations and scavenger hunts.  She also provides advice from her own experiences with using them with students.  Another great post is The 10 Web 2.0 Tools/Apps I Use Most As A Teacher, Learner & Leader.  In this post she talks about her 10 go-to tools that she uses and why.  She gives a brief review of each and explains how she uses these tools.  Overall, I find her writing to be entertaining and her honesty to be refreshing…Definitely worth following.
Another blog worth following is Tales from a Loud Librarian.  This middle school librarian’s blog covers everything from current reads and recent author visits to classroom practices and professional development experiences.    While at times mundane, this blog has some great ideas about how to engage kids in literacy through technology.  In her posts Last Day of School, Last Author Visit, Sort of and Rick Riordan Webcast to Launch the Serpent’s Shadow she uses web tools to port the authors into her school.  It is neat to see how students can experience an author without the expense of an actual author’s visit.  She also has a verity of posts on Teen Tech week and how they technology to explore new places. I could definitely learn a thing or two from her and she sets a inspiring example.
The last librarian blog that I would like to talk about today is the Never Ending Search sponsored by School Library Journal.  While the format is not as visually appealing as some of the other blogs out there it’s content is top notch.  This blog is devoted to highlighting fun and exciting features in technology that help kids become better readers and writers. In YALSA’s Teen Book Finder App (love it!) the author review a new apple app that was released by YALSA to help find summer reading.  She reviews the features, price and availability. I downloaded the app after reading this…it is pretty neat.    In her blog posts New info-infographics from EasyBib & Turnitin and Big NoodleTools news she discusses some of the issues when dealing with citations and digital citizenship.  She includes links to other blogs, graphics, and slideshows to make her point and leaves the reader with some valuable solutions to reduce plagiarism  in schools.  Because of it’s connection with School Library Journal there is a lot of cross referencing at the end of each blogpost.  This allows the reader to continue exploring the topic in depth.
One of the coolest realizations I came to as I was exploring blogs and deciding what to post was that there are so many cool ideas out there waiting to be read.  Before the internet we educators had to rely on the experience of our co-workers and district gatherings to share ideas and get fresh perspectives.  With blogging, I can collaborate across the world.  Blogging also opens interesting opportunities for students to share what they are doing with their community.  It is a great place to share work, experiences and ideas.